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Which burr grinder setting should I use?

Setting the right grind size depends on the type of coffee you’d like to make. Take a look at our guide to decide which setting to use on your grinder...

As coffee brews, all the amazing flavours are released from the grounds as they come into contact with hot water. This is called extraction. The coffee grind size determines the speed at which extraction happens, which in turn affects the taste, aroma, texture and the end result.

Coarse grinds let water through quickly, and have less surface area to extract flavours from. This means the water needs longer to bring the goodness out. A fine grind is packed tighter and has a larger surface area, so needs less time in contact with the water.

So, brew methods with a short brew time, like espresso, need a fine grind – and longer brews, such as French press, need a coarser one.

Our burr grinder (coffee grinder) has 70 grind settings so you can experiment and fine tune the grind size, to find the one that suits your brew method, and your taste.

Here's a guide to help you choose:

Coffee type Grind size Grind size range Dose selection Use setting with
French press Coarse 1-24 1-12 cups Bottom hopper
Percolation Medium coarse 25-35 1-12 cups Bottom hopper
Drip coffee Medium 36-54 1-12 cups Bottom hopper
Espresso Fine 55-70 1-2 shots Portafilter holder

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