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How do you clean the grain mill?

It's easy to use and easy to look after too. Find out how, and when, to clean the metal grain mill for your KitchenAid mixer. See our advice...

Once you've made flour by grinding wheat, oats, rice, corn, barley, buckwheat, millet and other cereals, you'll want to know how to look after the grain mill for mixers (5KGM).

Here are the steps for how to clean the grain mill:

  1. Turn mixer off (speed '0').
  2. Unplug the mixer.
  3. Remove the grain mill from the mixer.
  4. Clean the burrs and other mill parts with the brush provided.

Note: The mill does not necessarily need to be cleaned after every use, but should be brushed when you are changing types of grains. If necessary, you could use a tooth pick to clean the burr grooves.

Important note to avoid damage:

Do not wash grain mill or any of its parts in a dishwasher.

Advice for caring for the grain mill:

If your grain mill must be washed, then wash it by hand with mild detergent and warm water. Dry thoroughly with a towel and allow to air dry. Do not reassemble until the next use. If the burrs are not completely dry, grain may clog the mill.

If the unit is to be stored for an extended period of time, lightly coat the burrs with mineral oil. Before next use, hand wash as directed above to remove the mineral oil.

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