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FAQ>Coffee machines>Why is my Espresso Machine not producing crema?
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Why is my espresso machine not producing crema?

Espresso is famous for its crema, so it's frustrating when your carefully pulled shot doesn't have that golden layer. Here's why that might be happening...

Crema is the lovely, frothy foam that appears naturally on top of your espresso. It appears when hot water is forced through the coffee grounds at high pressure, emulsifying the coffee bean oils and forming tiny, smooth bubbles and is considered the mark of an authentic espresso.

Reasons why your espresso machine is not producing crema

  • Coffee is ground too coarsely. Use slightly finer grind.
  • Coffee tamped too softly. Use slightly firmer tamp, between 15-20 kg or 30-40 lb of force
  • Single wall filter basket might have been used with pre-ground coffee. Please see our chart below:
Basket type Shot Dose (grams) Use for
Single wall 1 shot 10-12 Freshly ground whole bean coffee
Single wall 2 shot 18-20 Freshly ground whole bean coffee
Double wall 1 shot 10-12 Pre-ground coffee
Double wall 2 shot 18-20 Pre-ground coffee

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