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FAQ>Mixers>The mixer head will not lock/unlock. Can you help?
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The mixer head will not lock/unlock. Can you help?

Are you having an issue with a mixer tilt-head model? If the head won't lock or unlock, here's our troubleshooting advice...

The tilt-head mixers lock into place with a lock-lever. This locks the motorhead in place so that it does not move up and down during mixing.

The motorhead should always be locked before you use the mixer. Lock lever


  • When pushing the lock lever over to the lock position, it may not move all the way to the right.
  • As long as the lock lever is as far over as it can go and the head does not move when you try to pull it up, the head is locked in place.

It will not lock

If the beater (paddle/whisk/dough hook accessory) is too high on a tilt-head mixer, it can prevent the head from locking into place. The locking mechanism does not necessarily need to move to the end to lock the head into place. If the head lifts, then lowering the beater accessory will almost always resolve the locking mechanism issue.

It will not unlock

If your mixer will not unlock, please contact our Customer Service team: Email us here OR Call us here - this is a freephone number and service will be provided to you in local language - open Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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