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Do I need a 'My Account' to place an order?

If you want to buy a product online, you may be wondering if you need to set up an account. Find out more...

You can place an order on the KitchenAid website without registering for ‘My Account’. However, there are benefits to setting one up, as your details will be saved and you won't have to type them in every time you place an order with us.

Advantages of setting up 'My Account'

Starting an account makes it simpler to:

  • View all your details
  • Find your order history
  • Save multiple addresses
  • Quickly order with pre-filled forms
  • Download your invoices
  • Follow the status of your order

If you don’t have a ‘My Account’ yet, you can register by selecting the Customer icon, top right, or at checkout.

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