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MIXER TILT-HEAD 3.3L - Mini - Matte grey


5 years guarantee

Same iconic design, but smaller, this mini mixer is perfect for tight spaces.

4 included accessories
€ 374.25€ 499.00

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Good things really do come in small packages

This mini mixer can be your perfect fit. A gorgeous version of its 4.8 L cousin, it’s just as versatile and robust, but 25% lighter and 20% smaller(1). Whip, beat, stir, shred, knead or mash, the KitchenAid 3.3 L does it all.

Tilt-head style

Planetary action & 10 speeds

3 mixing accessories

Sturdy die-cast metal body

5-year guarantee

10+ optional attachments

What's in the box?

The mini KitchenAid 3.3L stand mixer 5KSM3311X comes with all the accessories you need to get mixing, kneading or whisking.

Mini stand mixer for delicious homemade food

The KitchenAid 3.3L may be smaller⁽¹⁾, but still brings our 100 years of expertise with it. It has the same iconic rounded design, durability, and versatility that has made KitchenAid the #1 MIXER BRAND IN THE WORLD⁽²⁾. Whether you're making cookies, mashed potato, meatloaf or bread, it won’t let you down.


Planetary action and precision speeds

The KitchenAid stand mixer was the original home food mixer with unique ‘planetary action’. What does this mean? It means that the beater shaft turns one way and the attachments spiral in the other direction, to at least 69 touchpoints around the bowl. The high number of touchpoints ensure the overlapping sweep action of the beater forces the ingredients to the centre and absolutely nothing is missed.

The KitchenAid mini mixer has 10 speeds to give you the precision you need for the job in hand. Just move the speed control lever and let the mixer take over. From mixing pancake batter to kneading bread dough, whipping cream or shredding chicken. Choose from speed 1 for a gentle stir, up to 6 for beating and creaming, and 10 for fast whisking.


So, how much can it make?

The KitchenAid 3.3 L stand mixer is ideal for small-to-medium batches. In its sturdy stainless steel bowl, you can whisk up to 60 cookies⁽³⁾. That’s more than enough to go around! 

Take a look at the handy size comparison to see how it compares with larger KitchenAid mixer models. Decide how much you want to create and then choose your perfect partner.


Enjoy the lighter side of life

More compact and lighter than our other models, the KitchenAid mini mixer takes up less room on your worktop and is easier to pick up, move and store away. 

The tilt-head construction of this mixer also means it’s a breeze to set up. Just lock the bowl into place, pop in your chosen beater and lower the head. Then, slide the speed lever to start.

Cleaning is fuss-free too. When you’ve finished, you can put the bowl, paddle (also called a flat beater) and dough hook in the dishwasher and wash the whisk in warm soapy water. Simple as that!


A strong and mighty mixer

Like all our mixers, the KitchenAid mini stand mixer is built to last. It’s just as powerful as our 4.8 L Artisan stand mixer and thanks to its solid die-cast zinc metal construction and an enamel coating, it’s also durable. 

Knock- and scratch-resistant, you can work it hard and still rely on it to look beautiful for years to come. It feels reassuringly sturdy and solid, with a motor designed for reliable mixing every time. For added peace of mind, it also comes with a 5-year guarantee.


Add an attachment and do even more!

You’ll be pleased to hear that almost all our KitchenAid mixer attachments fit this mini model, despite its slightly reduced size (only the Bread bowl with baking lid and the Ice cream maker aren’t compatible). 

With the multipurpose attachment hub, you can plug in all sorts of tools, and transform your mixer into a pasta roller, a spiralizer, juicer, sausage stuffer and much more. Try making jam or coulie from scratch, grinding your own flour, or making delicious meat or veggie burgers from scratch. BBQ anyone?

Grind, mill, press, shred, slice, dice, or churn — with a KitchenAid attachment you can cut fiddly prep time in half and completely reinvent your kitchen repertoire.

Dianafrom Wrexham

Good looking kitchen helper

I love my Kitchen Aid mini stand mixer it’s just the right size for my kitchen and looks great. It’s a great help I use it so much. Not just for baking. I’ve used it for mashing potatoes, shredding chicken and much more.

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      What are other people saying?

      1. Compared with the 4.8 L Artisan tilt-head stand mixer

      2. Source Euromonitor International Limited; based on custom research conducted October November 2022 for value sales (in USD) in 2022 through all retail channels.

      3. Based on standard 5.1 cm (2 inch) cookies.