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What do the buttons mean on the Espresso Machine?

Coffee house espresso is yours at any time of day with our Espresso machines. Get to know the control buttons...

If you've treated yourself to the Espresso Machine 5KES6503 for authentic-tasting espresso at home, here's a quick overview of the buttons:

Mode Button toggles between Espresso, Steam and Hot water as follows:

  • Espresso: runs the espresso cycle to the selected dosage.
  • Steam: flashes until the water is hot enough for steam and is lit when ready to use the steam wand.
  • Water: runs hot water from the steam wand to the selected dosage.

Dose Button toggles between 1 or 2 doses as follows:

  • Desired number of shots 1 (~ 30 ml) or 2 (~ 60 ml) for espresso mode.


  • Desired volume of water 1 (~ 118 ml) or 2 (~ 177 ml) for water mode.

Clean cycle button tells you when you need to run the clean cycle periodically. Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions of how to run the cleaning cycle or to the FAQ How often do I need to clean my espresso machine?

The Start/Cancel button begins or stops the chosen action.

NOTE: The Espresso Machine has pre-programmed water temperature and water hardness settings. You can adjust the programme to suit your preference and the water hardness in your region. Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions for how to do this.

TIP: To restore all factory settings, press and hold the “Dose Button” for 3 seconds.

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